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My Services 
Experience the power of wisdom with The Modern Shaman 

Grand Tarot + Vedic Astrology Reading

Experience the power of Vedic Jyotish fused with tarot - a unique offering by Aishani!


1hr 15min

1:1 Transformation journey personal coaching x 3 months plan

Aishani is a certified NLP practitioner. Apart from tarot, astrology, it is very important to focus and work on the soul psyche. You can choose this path for self development.


4 hours in total bifurcated in 3 months

Energy healing live session

Sudden obstacles, hidden issues and unforeseen forces of life - such is the nature of your path at times! You can book this session and allow Aishani to hold space for you and assist you to get you to a grounded, balanced and compassionate state.


1.5 hours

1:1 Tarot class

Learn tarot from Aishani who has experience in teaching this craft and has done so for over 60 + students so far globally.


20 hours with 5 days of hand holding only

Rune Reading Report

A way to reveal something you need to know - right now!


Email sent within 7 - 10 days

Dream Interpretation

Discover the hidden messages in your dreams with The Modern Shaman’s Dream Interpretation service.


Email sent within 7 - 10 days

The Soul Tarot Reading - Audio call

Find symbolic clarity with holistic spiritual guidance with Aishani's vast tarot reading knowledge.


1 hour

Returning clients clarification reading - Email response

Fast and quick, brief and straightforward guidance submitted within 3 days via email to help !


Email of the reading is submitted within 7-10 days

Detailed Messages from your spirit guides

Sometimes, getting answers from your spirit guides with you not asking specific questions - helps you ! That which you need to know in the present moment makes its way through Aishani's mediumship expertise. Stay curious!


Email sent within 7 - 10 days

Matters of the heart

Let's rewrite your love story here!


2 hours

Metaphysical products consultation

This is a guidance call to help you make the right choices whether it is crystals, elixirs or ritual


You will receive a 20 mins clarity call within 2- 3 days.

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