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Terms & Conditions

Legal Disclaimer

Note by Aishani: 


“Astrology, tarot and any form of mystic crafts do not have any reasonable scientific evidence however there is no denying of its existence. As a collective, spiritual knowledge is at an all time rise, however, the fact is that the predictions or assumptions, the probabilities or perceptions, the myriads of ideas or studying has no correlation with any replacing of medical or legal practices. The guidance provided is wholly and solely for insightful, artistic, empathetic and entertainment purposes only and I take no responsibility for the decisions you make after our sessions. This is your life and you abide by the law, that you are above 18 years, mentally with your free will coming to me for my psychic services and once you do receive my services - it is up to you how you choose to act on your life as your life is your responsibility.”

Refund and Cancellation Policy

All consultations are considered ‘booked’ only after the payment has been made for the same. The astrologer reserves the rights to deny, cancel and reschedule consultations, if needed. If you wish to reschedule your appointment, contact

There will be no refunds strictly. Please book me only when you really understand this concept and not out of desperation seeking temporary assurance and changing your mind after that. There will be no refunds after taking the services as well. 

In case the astrologer is overbooked and is unable to do a reading for a client, in such circumstances, the astrologer can refuse a reading and refund the amount paid by the client.

Please note – The astrologer does not make negative predictions for the ‘effect’ or to prove a point. She does not predict the number of marriages and denial of marriage or denial of birth of children. She does not predict birth and death timings, no health / death questions or gender of the children are revealed through the sessions.

Privacy Policy

All information collected through this website is private and will not be revealed to anyone.

The purpose of birth details shared for a consultation is only for the creation of your horoscope. These details will not be shared with anyone for any kind of public use like social media, print or publicity.

Everything discussed during a consultation remains private between the client and the astrologer. Nothing is ever revealed from the astrologer’s side about her clients including their names. If an opportunity presents itself, where something needs to be shared, the client will always be asked first for consent and only upon their approval the details will be shared.

All video and audio recordings given by the astrologer to the client will not be shared with anyone from the astrologer’s side. It is up to the client, if they wish to share these recordings further, they can do so. The astrologer or the brand has no liability towards the choices made by the client.

All details shared by you during a session goes into the astrologer’s personal research and learning. These details are shared with no other person but they are logged into her private astrology application that stores all data on the clients. This data is completely private and not accessed by anyone else other than the astrologer herself.


Guidelines for a harmonious journey of growth and healing.


  1. To participate in workshops or sessions, attendees must be 18 years or older and submit payment and confirmation. Confirmation from us may take 2-3 days, and availability is limited. The reader prioritizes mental health and may reschedule if she feels like. Reader takes divine time in practice very seriously so please do not expect anything very urgently. 

  2. Await the appointed date and time. No follow ups and reminders are required from you.

  3. Any changes will be communicated in a timely manner.

  4. Refrain from venting or complaining before or after the session.

  5. The approach emphasizes tangible results.

  6. No-refund, non-negotiable, no-discount, and no-bargaining policy.

  7. For customized healing packages over INR 20,000, a part payment plan is available.

  8. The guidance offered should be framed with care and trust by you, creating a tool to aid on the journey. Progress will take time and consistent effort. Readings are only focused on you, and not for multiple charts or energy fields. There are no quick fixes, but the guidance aims to awaken the magic of transformation within.

  9. Please book only if you understand the concept of divine timing. Nothing can be rushed and nothing can be controlled. Please choose Aishani's work only if you are ready to handle the truth, face yourself and stop blaming planets, god, past life, parents or anyone. 

  10. The reader does not provide any gemstones or big remedies. The reader does provide ancient energetic healing techniques. 

  11. Agami karma (freewill) - exists and therefore you need to understand that whether you like it or not : you have chosen where you are today. The reader can help you by making shifts in your perspectives and giving you choices. She does not claim to change your life. 

  12. She does not make any false claims like 100% accurate results for anything because that is not realistic. 

  13.  If you do not do the work or act upon the guidance - there will be no change.

  14. Guidelines for sharing content from the page, feedback, decision-making, and the limitations of the services provided are outlined.

  15. The final decision on important life matters is the client's responsibility, and readings reflect present energy. The service does not cover topics such as death, legal matters, and mental/physical health. The right to refuse a reading is reserved.

  16. The reader invites clients on a mystical journey, asking for trust and openness in the process. They recommend that clients keep up with their personal work and embrace change rather than seeking counsel for others' disregard. 

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