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Medicine for Spirit

Experience the transformative power of spirituality with The Modern Shaman. As a Tarot and Oracle Card reader, Vedic Astrologer, and Reiki Healer, I am committed to helping you find inner peace, clarity, and healing. Let's embark on this journey together.


Awakening to Ascension

Family Constellation

Generational Patterns

Soul Empowerment

Grief Assistance

Karma Analysis

Healing Broken Hearts 

Aishani is a professional energy worker who uses different modalities such as tarot and oracle cards, I - Ching, ba zi, Vedic astrology, runes, scrying, akashic records, and reiki to help empower souls in their journey of ascension.


This has been an ongoing journey, and Aishani likes to always add in spirituality alongside being practical in the journey of the spirit.


It is clear after 4 years of working professionally that Aishani is an unconventional reader and aims to provide absolutely empowering guidance, which has truly helped many—as many as 3567+ souls.

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Meet Aishani

"Learn to love, live, and be through this lifetime - as you should.

I'm here to help you find balance and build a connection to your authentic self."

My Gifts to Humankind Atma Pranaam!

Every soul is unique and has the potential to carve their path finding their true purpose and thereby creating a massive shift in the collective - some under the guidance of others, some through the learnings of their own mistakes or the mistakes of others.

Every soul is on their respective journey to source through freewill within the boundary of destiny - ultimately reaching his / her path after having learnt some valuable lessons. 

Just like any authentic healer, I am a mirror to many and I have words that come through my channelled thoughts which only I can hear and sense - deliver them as readings which are highly intuitive and full of spirit nudges. 

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My work is grounded in ancient vedic practices with a blend of tarot and shamanism, combined with modern approaches to mindfulness and self-exploration. I'm here to help you find balance and build a connection to your authentic self.

Customised tools and guidance that can help you create an enriching life that you want.
Release unhealthy patterns, coping mechanisms and mental wounds. 
I empower through workshops and readings, bringing light and insight to all.
Become the finest version of yourself, evolving with confidence and consciousness.
Unlock your portals, which are unique to your charts, karma, and energy nature.
Fall in love, find a life partner, and create wealth together with enduring prosperity.
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