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Medicine for Spirit

Venture forth into the realm of spirituality, where the Modern Shaman awaits. As a a certified NLP coach, a medium of Tarot and Oracle Card divination, a spiritual awakening guide through the mysteries of Vedic Astrology and a portal of Reiki Healing, I am devoted to illuminating your path towards tranquility, insight, and restoration. With your hand clasped in mine, let us embark on a journey of wonder and growth.


Awakening to Ascension

Customised tools

NLP centered coaching

Soul Empowerment

Grief Assistance

Karma Analysis

Healing Broken Hearts 

Aishani, a certified NLP & Gestalt practitioner and a master of energy healing, harnesses the enchanting forces of working with the sensory, using tarot and oracle cards, I - Ching, ba zi, Vedic astrology, runes, scrying, akashic records, and Usui reiki to guide souls on their path of ascension.  Her odyssey has been one of constant evolution, seamlessly weaving spirituality and practicality to aid the journey of the soul. Her unorthodox approach invokes transformative magic, empowering and enlightening seekers on their sojourn. Over four years of professional practice, Aishani has blessed over 3000 souls and still counting with her awe-inspiring guidance, transcending the mundane and illuminating the path to ascension.

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Meet Mrs Rishi


"In this fleeting existence, embrace love, bask in life, and discover your true essence. Let me guide you towards harmony and foster your bond with the purest version of yourself."

Aishani's Philosophy


My Gifts to Humankind

Amidst the constellations of souls, each flicker is a unique flame, ablaze with the promise of its own destiny. The path to illumination lies in carving the way, unearthing truths and unveiling the purpose that resonates within. Some wander in the footsteps of others, while some blaze trails with the lessons of their own journey.
Destiny's boundaries may shape the journey, but with free will as a guide, each soul carves their own path to the source. Along the way, the lessons learned become gems of wisdom, illuminating the path ahead and gifting the traveler with a deeper understanding of their true self.
As a healer, I serve as a mirror to many, reflecting the light of their souls. My channelled thoughts whisper of spirit nudges and intuitive readings, a certain spirit message that only I may hear and sense.


Book Our Services

Experience the healing power of tarot, vedic astrology, and rune readings with my personalized services. As a skilled reiki healer and intuitive reader, I provide a unique and holistic approach to achieving balance and peace of mind. Book your session today and start your journey toward spiritual wellness.

Grand Tarot + Vedic Astrology Reading

Experience the power of Vedic Jyotish fused with tarot - a unique offering by Aishani!


75 mins

The Soul Tarot Reading - Audio call

Find symbolic clarity with holistic spiritual guidance with Aishani's vast tarot reading knowledge.


60 mins


Why Choose Us

My work is grounded in ancient vedic practices with a blend of tarot and shamanism, combined with modern approaches to mindfulness and self-exploration. I'm here to help you find balance and build a connection to your authentic self.

Customised tools and guidance that can help you create an enriching life that you want.
Release unhealthy patterns, coping mechanisms and mental wounds. 
I empower through workshops and readings, bringing light and insight to all.
Become the finest version of yourself, evolving with confidence and consciousness.
Work with me to harness your transformation journey with the tools of NLP and Gestalt.
Fall in love, find a life partner, and create wealth together with enduring prosperity.


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