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You will never be the same again!

And that is good news. You should not be the same. How is that even possible?

Your entire existence - is ever evolving whether you know it or not.

Let me set the context here though. For this post, I write with a deep realisation after sitting with human pains, fears and ultra manifestations of tragedy, I try to understand from a spirit perspective -

You will never be the same again,

Nothing will ever make the same sense again,

You will never get back to who you were,

You will never be able to do anything like before, not even feel the way you used to feel.

Feel everything you feel now and keep on going forward.

That’s healing. That's rejuvenating. That's the best way to avoid anxiety when changes occur.

Healing is peeling layers and as a human being you are full of layers. Look at your skin. Look at what you inherited and chose not to inherit as well. Everything in layers, structure and pattern.

With every layer peeling,

You will never be the same again.

May you never be the same again. Keep growing and get to your innermost real self.

Nothing will ever be the same. Never again.

So nothing will be the same again.

Ever again.

You have got to trust the “never again moments”. (Things you think you can never get back ever again, like the love of a lover who stranded you, affection of parents who you miss, your childhood, your favourite food memory, your favourite shows, a hug, a kiss, a deep conversation, a strong desire to dance on the stage ......)

Embrace these dear moments and if you have reached a "never again" state with these moments, do not go hard on yourself. It is just time to grow and ask for for better and more.

Hey, it is good to "never again" get these only things you experienced once back.

They only push you to the better.

They propel you towards improvement.

With each layer shed,

You are transformed forever.

May you continue evolving and discover your true inner self.

Healing is a journey of transformation. It's about shedding old skin and embracing new beginnings. As you peel away the layers of pain, hurt, and confusion, remember that it's okay to feel everything deeply. Each emotion, whether it's joy or sorrow, is a part of your upward and onward process.

With every layer you peel back, you uncover a stronger, more resilient version of yourself. It's true that you will never be the same again, but that's the beauty of growth and healing. Embrace the changes within you, for they are shaping you into a more authentic and empowered individual.

So, as you navigate this path of healing, remember to be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself to feel, to heal, and to grow. And always keep moving forward, for that is where you will find the strength and courage to become the best version of yourself.

Why are you scared to meet your real self then? Each time there is a disaster, do not question your existence. You being here - is enough. You are growing. It takes time. Growth is lasting and eternal, the path is less known and less chosen but most important.

And hey! You will never be the same again. If your heart aches, if you long for a deep hug, if you wish for clarity or comfort, if you wish to get more support - and feel a sense of what was and what is not now ...... Here is your sign that the entire universe is simply pushing you to keep moving forward because there is no other way. You are not the kid who keeps failing the 8th grade over and over and stays back to complete another year in the same 8th grade again. You are the kid that fails, learns, fights for a chance, takes a chance and just keep moving. You are honorable soul and I respect you. May you love and respect yourself enough to grow more.

Grow home. Happy Tuesday! It has been awfully quiet from my side - I know. Let me know what you are growing from right now? May you grow gracefully and reach home to your self. That is the greatest accomplishment and you are doing it - whether you know it or not.

Sending you hugs

Yours truly

Aishani Rishi

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