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Matters of the heart

Let's rewrite your love story here!

2 hours


Aishani uses a blend of different esoteric modalities and NLP tools to help you work on your relationship with your most intimate partner. This is not a match making or a quick fix to your relationship. Please book this only if you genuinely wish to get you and your partner's energy read, analysed and take the support from the wisdom shared with you during this session. We analyse and reflect on past wounds, upbringing, dynamics observed now and how to make your relationship more safe and connecting. The session will be on a live zoom video.

Cancellation Policy

All consultations are considered ‘booked’ only after the payment has been made for the same. The astrologer reserves the rights to deny, cancel and reschedule consultations, if needed. If you wish to reschedule your appointment then contact:

Our services are premium and sometimes date of appointment will be a minimum of 21 Days from the date of booking (this will not include weekends or any national holiday)

NOTE: No cancellation once the booking and payment are done, and no refund under any circumstances.

There will be no refunds strictly. Please book only when you really understand this concept and not out of desperation seeking temporary assurance and changing your mind after that. There will be no refunds after taking the services as well.
In case the astrologer is overbooked and is unable to do a reading for a client, in such circumstances, the astrologer can refuse a reading and refund the amount paid by the client or appoint another date and time.

NOTE: The astrologer does not make negative predictions for the ‘effect’ or to prove a point She does not predict the number of marriages and denial of marriage or denial of birth of children. She does not predict birth and death timings, no health / death questions or gender of the children are revealed through the sessions.

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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